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I grew up as an only child in an Air Force family. I spent most of my school years in American schools in France and Germany. I have also lived in Tennessee,Georgia, and Florida before moving to Utah. In 1977, I graduated from Layton High School. I went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from the University of Utah with a teaching minor in Mathematics and Zoology. I also earned a Master’s Degree from Lesley University in 2006. I have taught science for 33 years at 4 different middle schools in Jordan School District. My husband and I have raised 2 daughters in West Jordan and are grandparents to a 9 year old grand-daughter and a one year old grand-daughter. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, reading and spending time with family and friends.
I believe in making learning as interesting and relevant as possible. I want my students to explore, imagine, wonder, and be in awe of the world in which we live. I want them to question, and be able to problem-solve, individually and in small groups. I expect students to be active participants in their own learning, and to be responsible and accountable for doing the work assigned in class as well as that assigned outside of class. We do a variety of different activities to achieve the goals and objectives established by the Utah State Office of Education. We will also focus intensely on literacy as it applies to the Science material the students cover. You can expect your student to have homework. You can look at your student’s planner every day to see what the homework is and when it is due. I will be happy to initial the planner daily if that is helpful to you. I update Skyward regularly to assure accurate information for you, and post tests and quizzes in advance so you can be informed about those in the near future. I expect students to study and be prepared for tests and quizzes. Quizzes may be retaken, unit tests may not. Not all students learn at the same rate. Reteach sessions are available during iFlight for students who need additional time to learn concepts. Students may make appointments for additional help before or after school by signing the sheet at the back of the room in an available time spot as well.

The best way to contact me is my email: patricia.lambdin@jordandistrict.org. I will make every attempt to answer you within 24 hours if not sooner. You can also contact me at school at (801) 412-2475 ext. 6406. It is extremely helpful to have an updated email address for you as well. You can provide that via Skyward.

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