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Engineering In Utah

Engineering in Utah

Engineers use advanced mathematics and science to solve world problems.  Engineers are involved in almost everything you eat, wear, and use. Engineers need to be creative as they work in teams to develop computer layouts and design plans to create new machines, structures, technological devices, medical equipment, cars, bridges, etc. There are numerous engineering specialties offered at Utah Universities, including automotive, aerospace, chemical, biomedical, petroleum, computer, electrical, nuclear, civil, agriculture engineering, etc.

Review the 2 minute video:  2016 Engineers Week message from the International Space Station

Utah has five universities that offer a B.S. in engineering: University of Utah, Utah State University, Utah Valley University, Weber State University, and Brigham Young University.  The University of Utah, Utah State, and BYU offer advanced engineering degrees.

Review utahmajors.org to determine which Utah Universities offer specific Engineer Majors.


The Engineer Classification Matrix describes the responsibilities of four levels of engineers.  In Utah a level 1 engineer starts about $60,000 a year and as they move up the career ladder engineers make about $125,000.



  • 10 Reasons to Love Engineering
    • Click on the ‘show more’ tabs in the right column for each of the 10 Reasons to Love Engineering
  • Career Outlook
    • Experts say demand for engineers will continue to grow as governments and industry work to meet the challenges of a growing global population and dwindling resources.
  • Conversation Starters
    • Make a list of all of the types of work your students are thinking about. In most cases you can tie what they are interested in to a career in engineering.
  • Licensure
    • Licensed professional engineers, P.E.s, are charged with preserving the essentials that protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public.
    • Test Drive Engineering
      • Take note of the high school CTE programs that will help high school students prepare to enter college programs in engineering.
    • Researching Schools
        • There are many education options for a career in engineering: Note the 2-year associate degree, the 3-2 Programs, bachelor’s program, and military.


The poster above was developed by the Utah State Board of Education, CTE Department. Click HERE to download a copy.


Click here to see what engineering careers are available with different levels of education! Engineering.pdfPreview the documentView in a new window 

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